Dear Valuable Customer,

As you well know, the national situation resulting from the spread of COVID-19 is putting a strain on our country.

We declare all our solidarity with the sick people, the families put to the test for the limitations in place and we express our closeness to all those who have suffered losses due to this unexpected disease.

So far, our company does not bear any consequences related to this crisis and none of our employees has been affected by the virus.

We feel the duty to limit any chance that might increase the contagion, and therefore we have put in place some precautionary measures:

  • Reduction of business meetings to a minimum, which are now being held in uncontained/large spaces.
  • Increase of smart working activities when possible.
  • Videoconferencing systems available for all staff.
  • Management of incoming staff using individual protective tools.
  • All other safety measures suggested by our central and regional governments.

Our Sales offices are open and available for your requests.

Our Technical Assistance Service is working at full capacity and, for the time being, we can guarantee all scheduled maintenance, failure and unscheduled maintenance on your systems.

Our Purchasing Department is monitoring all suppliers with the aim of excluding problems of delivery of components that can put us in crisis.

However, the situation requires us to be realistic and therefore we cannot exclude that in the next period there may be critical issues related to the production capacity and constraints of our suppliers.

On this point, we ask you to anticipate dates when you will need our products and services in order to prepare purchases and/or reservations from us in advance.

We are confident that this difficult situation will be an opportunity for everyone to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of our, and your, work.

It is part of our Italian tradition to be able to react and come out strengthened by critical situations.

A special thanks to each one of you for the solidarity and closeness that you are already witnessing to us in these days.

IBT Connecting Energies GmbH

Ilario Vigani
President & CEO