Capstone LPG Turbines: The best solution for cutting energy costs

The partnership between Capstone Green Energy and IBT Group is once again confirmed as a winning partnership in the energy efficiency sector in Italy. A further step in these terms are the Capstone turbines in the LPG version.


  • LPG, not being linked to the natural gas market, has not been subject to the same price dynamics; in fact, while natural gas has increased by 1000% with peaks of 1500%, LPG has increased ‘only’ by 30-40%, making it the best solution to achieve excellent economic savings by using Capstone Green Energy turbines in co-trigeneration;
  • The use of the same LPG applications with reciprocating piston engines is not possible, proof of which is that the manufacturers of such engines themselves are informing customers that this traditional technology does not allow the use of LPG;
  • It is possible to convert existing turbines running on natural gas to the use of LPG.

The IBT Group is already developing certain projects with LPG as a leading alternative, with the aim of restoring profitability to existing plants that would otherwise have to be limited or even shut down because they are uneconomical in their current natural gas operation.


Capstone Green Energy, a Californian company founded in 1988 and world leader in the production of cogenerative energy systems with micro gas turbines, of which IBT Group is the exclusive distributor for the Italian market, has more than 100 registered patents and 9,000 installations in over 80 countries, of which more than 250 have been installed by IBT Group itself. Among the many advantages of Capstone Green Eenergy’s oil-free technology, of aeronautical origin, are the modulation of the electrical load from 0 to 100%, the reduced emission of pollutants into the atmosphere (NOx < 18mg/Nmc and CO < 50 mg/Nmc, the lowest available today), low vibration and noise emissions and low maintenance costs, with a guarantee of 8,600 continuous annual working hours.