We have built up specific expertise to ensure maximum efficiency in applications in the Food & Beverage industries that require valuable heat carriers, such as saturated steam, superheated water or glycol water at sub-zero temperatures, for their production process.

Century AR-D270LC1
Century AR-D300LC1


Combined electrical, thermal and cooling energy production plant for automotive component manufacturer

SIAP represents the Carraro Group’s centre of excellence for quality components and gears. The production lines are organised with high-precision numerical control machinery. In order to maintain the high quality standards, it is essential that the temperatures of the materials during processing are kept within the tolerances required by the project. To ensure the cooling as well as the constant temperature of the production lines, SIAP has made this important investment by choosing the best and most reliable technology on the market, with Century absorption chillers. SIAP continues to produce and offer on the European market machinery built with the best raw materials, such as copper tube bundles.