Energy efficiency: what it is and how to achieve it

IBT Group, thanks to the collaboration with technological partners such as Capstone Green Energy and Century Corporation, deals with energy efficiency solutions made and sized according to the specific needs of each customer and using the latest technologies, so as to help companies to be more competitive in the market, always in total respect of the planet.
Such tailor-made solutions can reduce primary energy consumption and lower energy bills. Here is what to know when talking about energy efficiency!

What does efficiency mean?

When we talk about energy efficiency, we refer to all those interventions useful to obtain an increase in energy efficiency. In short, the aim is to increase the efficiency of the process so as to obtain the same result with less consumption and therefore fewer emissions into the atmosphere.
This principle is applicable to both public and private buildings, as well as to companies and commercial structures belonging to the most varied sectors. The energy efficiency allows to use the energy sources in an optimal way, with a lower energy consumption but without this going to affect minimally the performance. In addition, this expenditure aimed at improving energy efficiency also has numerous tax advantages. In full compliance with the objectives of the European Union, through the Green Deal (European Green Pact), aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050: in this document, you can read the declaration of intent that aims to “improve energy efficiency, reduce dependence on energy imports, reduce emissions and stimulate employment and growth.

What is meant by energy efficiency interventions?

The objective of energy efficiency interventions is to optimise the relationship between energy requirements and the level of emissions. Possible works include the covering of walls or window frames with insulating material, the replacement of air conditioning systems and/or old generation boilers, the installation of solar panels, the introduction of lighting sources such as LEDs and the adoption of systems designed to produce energy with significant energy savings and emissions not released into the atmosphere, namely those applied to cogeneration and trigeneration: the first involves the simultaneous production of electrical and thermal energy, the latter in the form of hot water, steam, hot air and diathermic oil. The second involves a further phase of production of chilled water. Both solutions are offered by IBT Group through its partners Capstone Green Energy and Century Corporation, both leaders in the field of energy efficiency. Thanks to the work of energy efficiency, you can reduce the amount of energy demand and increase the performance of efficiency, while respecting the environment.

How do you measure energy efficiency?

When we talk about energy efficiency, it is very important to evaluate how and where energy is used, in what quantity it is consumed, what economic savings it brings and what impact it has on environmental resources. That’s why it is essential to install, both at private and public level, devices and tools that allow to monitor the real consumption and to obtain an effective optimization especially in the long term. To allow this, IBT Group provides a SCADA system with the visualization of all data, parameters and status of the plant also remotely. In addition, in a dedicated section are indicated all the economic values of savings generated by the system.