Capstone technology

The oil-free patent and its economic and environmental benefits

Since 2001, IBT Group is the Italian market’s exclusive partner for Capstone, leading company in the energy systems with gas, oil-free turbines which allow the production of cogeneration and trigeneration systems guaranteeing considerable reductions in energy bills, low maintenance and zero emissions.


The oil-free technology, of aerospace origin, is the outcome of over ten years of Capstone’s research. The patent, unparalleled in the world, makes reference to the complete absence of lubricating oil inside the turbines thanks to the utilization of air bearing technology, able to support the rotating turbine’s shaft without any mechanical contact.


GREEN: the lowest emissions among all CHP systems with NOx < 18 mg/Nm³, CO < 50 mg/Nm³
MODULARITY: from 0 to 100% of the electric and thermal power
HIGH EFFICIENCY: total productivity > 85% with max production of high-quality heat carriers
EASY: simple management and low maintenance costs
QUIET: absence of vibrations and low sound emissions
RELIABLE: 8.600 hours/year continuous guaranteed

  • Cold chain Industry

  • Food&beverage Industry

  • Chemical Industry

  • Food Industry

  • Hospitality Industry

  • Healthcare Industry

  • Paper Industry, Drying and Desiccation Processes

  • Biogas from Landfill or Anaerobic Digester


IBT Group has developed innovative applications which ensure the maximum efficiency especially in the industries that need high-quality heat carriers for their production process such as saturated steam, superheated water and subzero glycol water.