Capstone technology

Production of electric energy with low percentages of methane in the biogas

IBT Group is, since 2001, the exclusive partner for the Italian market for Capstone, leading company in cogeneration systems with gas turbines with oil-free technology, which allow the energy self-generation from renewable sources. These systems are characterized by high efficiencylow maintenance and zero emissions with the great advantage of being able to operate also with biogas methanedeficient and with loads that are fluctuating.


The “oil-free” technology, of aerospace origin, is the outcome of over ten years of Capstone’s research. The patent, unparalleled in the world, refers to the complete absence of lubricating oil inside the turbines utilizing special air bearing technology.

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    Capstone’s turbine is ideal for biogas plants lacking or with fluctuating percentages of methane


    Capstone technology is particularly recommended in landfills at the end of life cycle which might present poor biogas problematics


IBT Group is able to develop solutions particularly recommended in the presence of biogas with low percentages of methane, or fluctuating, such as landfills at the end of the life cycle and wastewater treatment plants.


GREEN: the lowest emissions of all CHP systems with NOx < 18mg/Nm³ and CO < 100mg/Nm³ RESISTANT: corrosive-proof, H2S < 5000 ppmv FLEXIBLE: Fuel CPI from 13 MJ/m3 and 32,6 MJ/m3
ADAPTABLE: from 30 to 100% of the electric power
EASY: easy management, low maintenance
QUIET: absence of vibrations and low sound emissions
RELIABLE: service up to 8.600h/continuous