Food & Beverage

We have gained specific expertise in applications that ensure maximum efficiency in the Food & Beverage industries that need valuable heat carriers, such as saturated steam, superheated water and glycol water at sub-zero temperatures, for their production process.


Cogeneration with steam generation for the mortadella leader

For Felsineo, a leader in the production of mortadella, we built a “clean” energy self-generation plant with an oil-free gas turbine and saturated steam by post-combustion with an overall efficiency > 80%. The system combines cogeneration with a sophisticated heat recovery system that ensures the highest possible level of efficiency, and therefore savings, in those processes in the food industry that require thermal energy in the form of saturated steam/superheated water. Specifically, the system consists of a 1,000 kWe natural gas Capstone turbine that optimises steam production (3,000 kg/hour at 10 bar) through the use of a recovery steam generator and burner in an “air vein” that fully exploits the energy of the turbine’s exhaust gases. All with zero emissions.