Industrial trigeneration to improve energy efficiency

The term “Trigeneration” refers to the combined production of electrical energy, heat and chilled water; the latter is usually used in air conditioning systems or industrial processes and is produced by means of absorption refrigerators. It is therefore an extension of the possibilities offered by cogeneration, which is indicated by the English acronym CCHP (Combined Cooling, Heating and Power). We at the IBT Group, together with our renowned partners Capstone Green Energy and Century Corporation, offer tailor-made energy efficiency solutions for various sectors: here is what you need to know about industrial trigeneration.

Industrial trigeneration systems

Cogeneration involves the simultaneous production of electrical and thermal energy using a single primary energy source, with savings of over 30% on average.
In civil and industrial users, summer air conditioning requires cooling energy to meet the needs of users.
It is in these cases that the trigenerative set-up is applied, which extends cogeneration plant with special absorption chillers for the production of chilled water. This makes it possible to exploit this type of plant in any period, and is particularly useful in industrial sectors that require cooling systems, such as Food & Beverage.

Cogeneration and Trigeneration for further improvement of energy efficiency

A trigeneration system involves a higher overall efficiency thanks to a greater exploitation of the power generated by the fuel, which is used both to produce electricity and as a source of heating, and as energy to power absorption refrigerators for refrigeration. Both types of plants are offered by IBT Group, which combines Capstone Green Energy’s patented oil-free technology (of aeronautical origin), i.e. the complete absence of lubricating oil inside the turbines thanks to the use of air bearings capable of supporting the turbine shaft in rotation without mechanical contact, with Century Corporation’s absorption refrigerators, which allow the production of cooling energy for summer air conditioning and/or for production processes.
These plants have numerous advantages in economic, environmental and structural terms including:

  • Lowest emissions of all CHP systems with NOx < 19mg/Nmc and CO < 50 mg/Nmc, therefore respectful of the environment
  • The reduction of fuel consumption, thanks to the further improvement of the overall efficiency of the plant, which translates into an economic saving
  • The complete modulability from 0 to 100% of electrical and thermal power, following the user’s request – Overall yield > 85% with production of valuable carriers
  • Ease of management and low maintenance costs
  • No vibrations and low noise emissions
  • The reliability of having 8,600 continuous hours/year guaranteed

Applications and sectors

As IBT Group we are guaranteeing to meet the specific needs of our customers basing on the most advanced technologies to support the competitive increase of your company in total respect of the planet.
This application is intended for large civil users and for all those industrial realities that require high-efficiency trigeneration plants: for example, in the Food & Beverage sector, where industries need valuable thermal vectors, such as saturated steam, superheated water and glycol water at sub-zero temperature, for the production process but also in the Chemical & Industrial sectors, for Hotel & Wellness sites, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical sectors. The possibilities of industrial trigeneration are really huge, they increase the competitiveness of your company and keep the resprect for the planet always in the foreground.