Paper industry

With more than 200 chillers installed, totalling 140 MW of cooling power, our group has a solid experience in the field of energy efficiency.

Century AR-W500G2


Supply of absorption chillers for turbo-cooling application

This is the first application of its kind developed in Italy. Turbo-cooling makes it possible to solve the problem of drops in the efficiency of turbo-gas units, due to high air temperatures in summer, by installing absorption refrigerators.

The turbo-cooling system with Century chiller installed for the Lucart paper mill allows the gas turbine production profile to reach maximum values close to ISO conditions (or lower on mid-season days) and to become stable depending on the ambient temperature. In this way, the mill will no longer suffer from problems and penalties related to the daily and weekly (weather-dependent) prediction of grid withdrawal, and the greatest benefits will occur especially during the day when grid electricity rates are most expensive.