Maffei: the 2nd Italian larger producer of fresh pasta (not stuffed) is now a 100% clean energy company

Maffei, pasta producer from Barletta (BT, Italy), a company specialized in quality Made-in-Italy fresh pasta, has just completed the path of sustainable innovation that has led it to become a 100% clean energy company and the second Italian producer of fresh pasta, not stuffed, in Italy.

With a growing production of 15.5 million kg of fresh pasta in 2016, an increase in exports of 150% and over 90 employees, Maffei has succeeded in combining the philosophy of “eating good & healthy food”, in accordance with the most authentic artisanal traditions that have been distinctive to the family business since 1960, with a continuous innovation process. This vision has led the company in 2016, among other major investments, to equip itself with an innovative high-efficiency energy system that boasts near-zero emissions. This is the first energy system in the Italian region Puglia with Capstone oil-free gas turbine technology, a patent deriving from the US aerospace research, which allows the pasta maker to produce both the electricity and steam needed for the production plant, making it a 100% clean energy company.

Download here the press release.

Maffei Produzione 2La turbina Capstone C600S