Food & Beverage

We have built up specific expertise to ensure maximum efficiency in the applications of the Food & Beverage industries that need valuable heat carriers, such as saturated steam, superheated water or glycol water at sub-zero temperatures, for their production process.


Cogeneration with electricity and steam production for company specialising in fresh pasta production

Maffei, a company based in Barletta (BT) that produces fresh pasta of Made in Italy quality, has installed a high-efficiency, near-zero emissions energy plant with an oil-free Capstone turbine that allows the pasta factory to produce the electricity and steam needed by the production plant. The project consists of a cogeneration system with 1 Package Capstone C600 Grid Connect version fuelled by methane gas for the combined nominal production of 600kWel and 3 ton/h saturated steam at 8 bar through post-combustion of the exhaust gases of the turbine and a specific recovery steam generator.

Thanks to the new plant, the plant is able to achieve an overall efficiency of over 85% and save 400 tons of CO2 per year not released into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the CO2 absorption of 11,000 trees in one year or 270 fewer cars on the road per year, each travelling an average of 10,000 km/year.