With more than 200 chillers installed, totalling 140 MW of cooling capacity, the IBT Group has solid experience in the field of energy efficiency.

Capstone C1000 kW

Century ARD450L2 (2MW freddi)
Century ARD700L2 (3 MW freddi)


Supply of absorption chillers for the first luxury shopping centre in Sochi, Russia

In Sochi, capital of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in 2014, is the Novy Vek Mall, owned by R7 Group, a Russian real estate group that manages various commercial and hotel facilities in the Novy Vek area. The plant consists of four 1000 kW Capstone turbines with “oil-free” technology, one Century ARD450L2 absorber (2MW cold) and one Century ARD700L2 absorber (3 MW cold), for a total of 4 MW of electrical power, 5752 kW thermal and 5MW cold. The energy produced is used to meet the electricity and hot water needs of two shopping centres and their offices covering a total area of 40,000 m2, while the 2 absorption chillers, which use the hot water produced by the turbines, are used to air-condition all the rooms. To dispose of the heat from the absorption units, the Italian engineers have developed an interesting technological solution that makes use of the groundwater in the area. In fact, a well for the 2 MW cold chiller and two wells for the 3 MW cold chiller were used to replace the traditional evaporative towers.

And all this with full respect for the environment: it is calculated that for each C1000 series turbine installed, it is as if the equivalent of 730 hectares of forest were planted or 700 cars were taken off the road.