Our technological partners

Market’s leaders, reliable, visionaries

IBT Group opted to pursue its objectives through strategic agreements with international technological partners, with whom it has consolidated long-term relationships to develop customized solutions that protect its clientele’s investments over time.



Since 2001, IBT Group is the Italian market’s exclusive partner for Capstone, a California corporation, leader and sole global producer of oil-free gas turbines energy systems.
The company’s most important patent makes reference to the absence of oil inside the turbines, allowing the achievement of cogeneration systems that guarantee, in addition to a primary energy savings of > 30%, very low carbon emissions into the atmosphere and low maintenance costs.


Since 2003, IBT Group is the European exclusive distributor for Century Corporation, a South Korea company part of Kiturami Group, leading manufacturer for over 50 years of absorption chillers, electric chillers and turnkey HVAC systems for the civil, industrial, nuclear and marine sectors. In addition to offering a wide range of standard solutions, Century is able to design customized solutions based on the client’s specific requests.