Food & Beverage

We have built up specific expertise to ensure maximum efficiency in applications in the Food & Beverage industry that require valuable heat carriers, such as saturated steam, superheated water or glycol water at sub-zero temperatures, for their production process.


Cogeneration plant with steam and hot water production for the leader in bacon production

For Recla, a leading company in the production of bacon, a cogeneration plant with high-efficiency oil-free technology has been designed and built to produce electrical and thermal energy in the form of saturated steam and hot water. The plant, consisting of a 1000 kWe Capstone turbine installed on the roof, an 8 bar saturated steam generator with direct recovery and a thermal recovery module for the production of hot water with 3 batteries in series, is able to produce electrical energy with high reliability, given that the plant sometimes exceeds, in terms of electrical power, what is available at the point of withdrawal from the grid, while maximising thermal production. The new power station will bring considerable advantages: in addition to a 30% saving in primary energy, compared to the same quantities of electricity and heat obtained through traditional systems, quantifiable at around 400,000 Euro per year, it will also make it possible to benefit from the recent incentives (white certificates) granted to high-efficiency cogeneration and to eliminate the danger of electricity black-outs with consequent loss of production at the plant.