Food & Beverage

We have built up specific expertise to ensure maximum efficiency in applications in the Food & Beverage industry that require valuable heat carriers, such as saturated steam, superheated water or glycol water at sub-zero temperatures, for their production process.


Improving energy efficiency at the Verona production site

Nestled in the heart of the Valpolicella region, Salumificio Fratelli Coati is one of Italy’s largest meat processors. As well as powering the plant and the various pieces of processing equipment, it also needs electricity to provide steam for the cooking ovens, freezing water for the cold rooms and hot water for cleaning the machines. Wanting to improve energy efficiency at its new production site in Arbizzano-Negrar (VR), Salumificio Coati installed a CCHP (Combined Cooling Heat and Power) system based on Capstone technology. The first of its kind in the meat processing sector in Italy, the new system is helping the company to meet its efficiency targets by providing reliable feed, significant cost savings and environmental benefits. The use of this technology allows the three energy vectors to be produced independently, with maximum heat recovery from the exhaust fumes leaving the micro-turbines. Even during periods when the turbines are not available (i.e. during maintenance), the system has been configured to continue producing steam, cold water and hot water, allowing the air recovered through the intake to enter the burner via a special fan. This extra support allows the plant to have maximum flexibility and continuity in its operations. The CCHP plant provides approximately 80% overall energy efficiency. This equates to energy savings of approximately 9,600 MWh per year. The new system also avoids 2,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions.