The identikit: Sustainability

A duty, a trend that has been steadily growing in recent years, a necessity, an indispensable element of our lives that must be introduced more and more, and ever more strongly, into our lives. Sustainability is all this, and much more. The term (deriving from the Latin “sustinere”), was used for the first time to refer to human development in harmony with the planet and its resources only from the 80s onwards: today, it indicates all those processes in the environmental, economic and social spheres that respect and act in the name of a reality where there is a balanced relationship between the Earth and man, and where “giving” and “receiving” are balanced with each other. In a world where “waste” and “too much” seem sadly to be part of the daily habits of each of us, some realities are constantly working to reverse this course, and to introduce sustainable solutions in various areas of life, both private and professional: among these, undoubtedly falls the energy sector, and IBT Group is proud to offer for 20 years highly efficient energy solutions in full respect of the environment. How? We explain it below.



When we talk about sustainable energy, we refer to those ways of producing and using energy that take into account the environmental impact of these processes, researching and developing optimal technological solutions while respecting the resources available to them; an example of this are the production processes of micro-cogeneration and trigeneration, which working on smaller scales and consequently more sustainable, contribute to a greater extent to reducing environmental impact than large centralized plants.

Sustainable energy solutions address those undeniable environmental needs such as reducing the emission of pollutants from fossil fuels and thus reducing pollutants from the atmosphere and hydrosphere. In recent years, great strides have been made in these terms both in private homes and in the industrial and transport sectors, suggesting an increasing interest in sustainable energy which, more than anything else, represents a need and a duty.

The National Integrated Energy Plan foreseen by the EU directives that define the European objectives to be achieved by 2030, configures a strategic role to micro-cogeneration technologies for the decarbonization of the country. On the one hand, exploiting the already available infrastructure for transport, storage and distribution of natural gas, thus introducing efficiency in the energy system already in the short and medium term and, in perspective, incorporating additional shares of renewable sources such as bio-methane (exhaust gas from the process of digestion of biomasses).

Cogeneration, that is the combined production of electricity and heat, represents a technically and economically advantageous solution and therefore defined as high efficiency also for these aspects and, ERGO, sustainable for the peculiarities of technological innovation and energy saving that characterize it.



IBT Group was founded with the aim of developing highly innovative and sustainable technological solutions, which ensure maximum efficiency in business or industry. A commitment and a constant investment in terms of study and research, which can count on a dynamic and customizable approach, aimed at ensuring the highest quality.

To accomplish this, it uses state-of-the-art technologies characterized by the following prerogatives:

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: tailor-made solutions aimed at containing the use of primary energy, thanks to the technology of Capstone turbines (exclusive partner of IBT Group)
  • THERMAL RECOVERY: the waste heat produced in industrial processes at medium and high temperatures is recovered and trasformed into cooling energy, through the high efficiency Century absorption chillers (exclusive partner of IBT Group)
  • RENEWABLE SOURCES PLANTS: CAPSTONE turbines, thanks to their high modulation capacity and operation even with low % of methane, can also be fed with biogas from recovery processes.
  • EMISSIONS INTO THE ATMOSPHERE:The most important feature of Capstone turbines is the complete absence of lubricating oil, which allows energy self-production plants a very low emission of pollutants, much lower than the regulations in force

These solutions are applicable and customizable according to specific requirements in multiple industries such as hotel & wellness, paper, hospital, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, transportation, district heating and many others.



The data confirm the remarkable results of decarbonization achieved by the IBT Group plants in favor of environmental sustainability: in 20 years of activity, 80,000 tons of CO2 are not released into the atmosphere, while 6,000,000 are the total hours of operation of more than 250 Capstone turbines installed and more than 200 absorption chillers installed, for a total of 12,000,000 hours. In terms of case studies, we mention

  1. production for the fleet of ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicles) ecological hybrid buses of the city of Brescia equipped with Capstone turbines, which represent the lowest level of emissions in Italy for this type of transport. All without any vibration and therefore also extremely silent.
  2. The trigeneration plant at Pepsi’s headquarters in Mykolaiv (Ukraine) includes two Century absorption chillers which, by recovering the water produced by the cogeneration plant and transforming it into thermal energy, increase the collective efficiency as well as the sustainability of the system.

These are just two examples of the IBT Group world and the possibilities offered by sustainable energy in the name of a reality based on respect and balance, always.