The Solution. Hotel and Wellness: process and benefits of sustainable energy solutions

Each reality has its own characteristics and needs, that’s why the solutions we offer are extremely adaptable to each sector and each project. Specifically with regard to the hospitality sector, such as hotels and wellness centers,  IBTgroup has as its ultimate goal to create solutions with maximum efficiency and environmental sustainability, thanks to the use of Capstone technology.

The cogeneration plants with Capstone turbines are particularly suitable for hospitality facilities because they are oil-free (no lubricating liquid present) and are also extremely flexible so they can meet the seasonal electrical needs of the facilities.



Capstone turbines can simultaneously generate electrical and thermal energy in the form of hot water, steam, hot air and thermal oil. They use a patented oil-free technology derived from aerospace, which provides for the total absence of lubricating oil through the use of air bearings (air-bearings) that can support the turbine shaft (the only moving part) in rotation without mechanical contact. The advantages are many: the absence of lubricating oil keeps the system and the room in which it is installed clean as it is not necessary to refill with fresh oil and the disposal of exhausted oil, the air bearings eliminate friction, vibration and the use of coolants significantly reducing maintenance.

In addition, the turbines guarantee a reduction in consumption thanks to the possibility of modulating the load from 0 to 100%, a result made possible by the variation of the turbine rotation speed from 45,000 (initial generation) to 96,000 rpm (rated power) on a patented air bearing.

As already mentioned, environmental sustainability is a key point for IBT, that’s why using Capstone turbines also means ensuring the protection of the environment considering the reduced emissions of pollutants. In addition, these systems, having reduced size and weight and especially operating in total absence of vibrations and low noise emissions, are potentially installed anywhere: indoor or outdoor, ground or roof, thus facilitating the logistical management of hotels that have more flexibility in choosing where to install the turbines.

Software for remote control will also be provided and, in terms of safety and continuity, these plants can guarantee the supply of electricity and heat even in the event of a blackout thanks to the “island” operation.

To ensure maximum efficiency but also the possibility to customize and modulate each proposed solution, IBT proposes itself as a unique partner for the realization of so-called “turnkey” projects: from the feasibility study, in which we collect all the necessary information both in technical and economic terms to optimize the investment and performance in the short and long term. This study is followed by the design and engineering part, which, thanks to our know-how and the use of advanced technologies, allows us to propose integrated solutions. From procurement to installation to ensure, through continuous monitoring and support during all phases, the achievement of the objective of productivity and performance expectations. Once the system is installed and running we offer specific maintenance packages to support constant support and guarantee the performance of our solutions. Finally, our after-sales service ensures advice throughout the life of the system or product supplied. We offer solutions to extend the investment, quickly provide any type of spare parts, monitor performance and provide training for technical staff for the proper management of the systems.