Turbo-cooling: applications and uses

What is meant by turbo-cooling? What are the specifications of this technology and which Century Corporation products are distributed by the IBT Group? Here’s everything you need to know about it, how it works and its advantages, with case studies.

Century Corporation technology at the service of turbo-cooling

Since 2004, the IBT Group has been the exclusive partner for the European market of Century Corporation, a South Korean company that has been a leader in the production of absorption refrigerators and HVAC applications since 1968. Highly innovative and made up only of top quality materials, these systems, also known as chillers, derive from studies conducted in 1926 by Albert Einstein and his former student Leo Szilard, and operate by using waste thermal energy instead of electricity to produce cooling energy that can be reused in industrial processes. The advantages are many: from high energy efficiency to low costs and maintenance requirements, from ease of use to being silent, modulable and manageable even remotely.

Century Corporation’s turbo-cooling systems

The efficiency of turbogas plants is affected, especially in summer and mid-season, by the temperature of the ambient air as it is used as combustion air.
The solution to this problem is turbo-cooling, which allows the combustion temperature to be kept stable and close to ISO conditions (or even lower) so as to have a constant high efficiency of the turbo-gas throughout the year.
The turbo-cooling system uses a small proportion of the heat produced by the turbogas to power a Century absorption refrigeration unit. The cooling energy produced by the Century is used to reduce the temperature of the combustion air in the turbo-gas in order to achieve a higher and less fluctuating efficiency of the turbo-gas itself.
IBT Group is able to adapt the turbo-cooling system of Century chillers according to the needs of each customer to maximise energy efficiency and support them at every stage, from design to installation and after-sales services.

Case studies: Cartiere San Lorenzo and Cartiere del Chiese

Two case studies attesting to the use of Century Corporation turbo-cooling systems both belong to the paper industry: they are the San Lorenzo paper mill and the Cartiera del Chiese paper mill. The former, based in Gassano (Fivizzano), has been equipped since 2017 with an Opra OP16 with Century absorption chiller AR-D115L2, with a cooling capacity of 404 kW. The second one, based in Montichiari (BS), has seen in 2015 the installation of a 7.5 MWe Turbogas with a Century absorption chiller AR-D150L2, with a cooling capacity of 550 kW.