Hospital & Pharmaceutical

Thanks to the use of Capstone’s patented cogeneration technology, it is possible to modulate the electrical power supplied from 0% to 100% according to the user’s electrical demand. This allows a reduction in consumption, because the machine is able to adapt to the real energy needs of the moment.

Capstone C200


A system to provide primary power to the plant

Valagro is a leading manufacturer and marketer of biostimulants and nutritional specialities for plant care and nutrition. The company began exploring low-emission solutions for on-site heat and power generation. At the same time, Valagro needed a solution that would reduce or eliminate the number of micro-interruptions and blackouts experienced with the less reliable national power grid.

At its main production site in the municipality of Atessa (CH), two Capstone C200 microturbines (200kW) have been installed. The total system now provides primary power for the plant and captures thermal energy from the exhaust for industrial use. To ensure a continuous supply of hot air to the drying process, the plant was fitted with a fan to draw in all the combustion air and a burner sizing suitable for supplying all the thermal power required to heat the process air. The upgrade also allowed the customer to obtain the economic benefits of cogeneration without heavily modifying the plant.