Chemical & Industrial

With more than 200 chillers installed, totalling 140 MW of cooling power, our group has a solid experience in the field of energy efficiency.

Century AR-D270L2


Supply of absorption chillers for the Treviso company’s trigeneration plant

We supplied a Century chiller for the trigeneration plant of Volpato Industrie in Spresiano, Treviso, which specialises in the production of components for the furniture industry. Established in 1974, Volpato Industrie supplies around 1,500 customers in 60 countries and follows a sustainable development, using energy efficient systems.

An absorption refrigerator fed with hot water at 90°C/70°C, 571 kW cold, and its evaporative tower were supplied, connected with the cogeneration engine already present on site.

The thermal energy generated by the cogenerator in the form of hot water feeds the absorption refrigerator which produces cold water at 7°C used for the production process.