IBT and Capstone to make water purification more efficient

The purification of water from civil and industrial effluents is a process consisting of numerous stages that require a high energy input to complete.
One of these stages of the purification process, produces biogas, used like fuel in the cogeneration system with Capstone Turbines. By producing electrical and thermal energy at the same time, the cogeneration system allows for energy efficiency, main significant economic savings, and also results in reduced carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.
IBT has been a partner of Capstone Green Energy Corporation for over 20 years for the Italian market. IBT already installed a fleet of more than 260 units in cogeneration and trigeneration applications. To find out how microturbines can energetically optimize sewage treatment plants while reducing atmospheric CO2 emissions, you can get your free copy of the e-book “Wastewater Treatment Efficiency in Our Cities.”