What are energy-intensive companies and what are their obligations?

Technically, “energy intensive companies” are those companies that have an energy consumption of 1GWh or more per year.
The costs of primary energy and therefore of electricity in Italy are the highest in Europe and have risen further in the last period: an unforeseeable and unimaginable fact!
The technology in the field of co and trigenerative applications, offers a strong support and help, collaborating to the achievement of objectives not only of economic savings but also of decreasing emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.
A field of action in which IBT Group is a leader. In fact, the company is dedicated to the development of high-efficiency solutions, with specific expertise in cogeneration and trigeneration applications for any type of industry, thanks to partnerships with Capstone Green Energy and Century Corporation. Here’s what to know about it!

Energy-intensive companies?

Energy-intensive companies are characterized by high consumption of electricity. In Italy, there are about 3,100 companies, they are mainly large and distributed mainly in the manufacturing sector of metalworking, paper industry and also food. The CSEA, (Cassa Servizi Energetici e Ambientali) publishes annually the complete list of them, classified according to the consumption of electricity and the consequent impact of energy costs on their annual budget. Due to their volume of business they are considered strategic, and for this reason they are allowed to have recourse to specific facilities decided on the basis of government decrees. These forms of protection, which are widespread in many European countries, are represented in Italy in the form of discounts on system charges paid in the bill. In fact, they are a contribution by the State so that they do not lose their competitive advantage at international level. Although appreciable, these forms of protection, discounts on the bill, are neither sufficient nor adequate to meet the current, and even less so, future obligations of the companies to achieve the essential criteria of climate balance.
It is now indisputable that in order to meet these objectives it is essential to save on energy consumption, that is, with the support of technological innovation to implement all the necessary actions to meet their energy needs efficiently and at the same time protecting the environment.
These companies have a clear understanding of the concept of energy efficiency, benefiting from a policy of savings in production that is directly linked to the policy of environmental sustainability. A paradigm that is now essential in the field of industrial production.

Energy-intensive companies and the Energy Diagnosis obligation

Energy-intensive businesses are obliged to carry out an Energy Diagnosis (i.e., an assessment of the energy efficiency and consumption of a business in order to identify possible improvements) every four years. Legislative Decree 73/2020, published in the Official Gazette on 14/07/2020, introduced the obligation for energy-intensive companies to implement at least one of the energy efficiency measures identified in the Energy Diagnosis in the period between one diagnosis and the next. These allow to reduce energy consumption, evaluate the energy performance, save on energy bills and protect the environment, all without minimally affecting the performance of a system. In this regard, IBT Group proposes energy efficiency projects that exploit the most modern technologies, to help companies to be more competitive on the market in total respect of the planet, also creating customized solutions designed to contain the consumption of primary energy and reduce the energy bill.